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What fathers have said

Great weekend, very very glad that we did it. The course should be on the NHS.
Paul Grant.

Would highly recommend this to couples. Helps the father very much.
Michael Sum

Georgie is a natural teacher and managed the course brilliantly. A very positive experience.
Ralph Hazell.

Very personable, open, frank, honest and approachable. Well versed in her subject and enthralled by it with infectious enthusiasm. Before, I felt confident, that by the time of the birth I would be prepared, that I would have gathered all necessary knowledge and skills. Now I feel ready if the birth were tomorrow.
Miles Guerinni

I found the birth calm and organised, thanks to Rachel hearing of these tips. I'd definitely do it again!
Paul Ledger Fitness Instructor and Father.

Well worth the time to be sure I can help and assist during the birth.
Matthew Brock

A great course that makes you remember we are mammals and so it is natural therefore, anxiety and fear will minimise the exciting event we will soon witness. Keep the group levels to three couples, it seemed just right.
James Walsham

Well worth coming to. Will recommend it to friends and family.
Zoltan Zuma

For me the course opened up a new side of belief, that will be very useful in my future life.
Hugh Humphries

Fantastic approach. Very warm and open. Easy to ask questions. A bit daunting to learn that you gave birth in the car!

It was very helpful, I hope and believe that our birth will be easier having done this.
Aselm Guise

I enjoyed the relaxed and positive attitude of the course and teacher.
Matt Evans.

Really lovely person who put you at ease.
Tony Hobson

Overall very calming and encouraging.
Richard Marsh

What Mums have said

Hi Georgie,
... I can't believe that its more than 6 months since Paul and I spent that wonderful day at your gorgeous house, learning techniques that literally changed my life. I am still triumphant about having given birth calmly and naturally. Our little Poppy is a complete delight but growing up way too fast. Tabitha remains over the moon about having her little sister and enthuses over every little thing Pops does.
I have just dilligently filled out the feedback form (the least I can do, let's spread the word far and wide)...
Love Claire

I decided to try this course first, before ante-natal classes – I’m glad I did as I feel I have learnt exactly what I wanted to. The course exceeded all my expectations. I am really looking forward to having my baby and totally in control and mentally prepared. Thank you!!
Laleh Dastgerdi.

Excellent course, so glad I did it, as the benefits were surprising. Tutor inspirational and motivational. Would highly recommend.
Fifi Miller

I thought Georgie was very easy to talk to and very knowledgable about the subject and Hugh and I both feel we could contact her if we needed; Georgie’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm about what she was teaching came across and made it easier to learn. She has a wonderful persona for teaching this course. Having the course in Georgie’s home made the whole experience extra special.
Tracey Humphries.

Hello Georgie,
I am still feeling wonderfully calm about the birth of my baby and have found that the memories of such a lovely day last Saturday have made my relaxation sessions at home even more enjoyable and meaningful. Paul and I also feel totally connected with each other and he is taking a huge interest in rehearsing and developing the skills we've learnt - an amazing turn around from the sceptical husband who didn't seem to understand my fears/needs a few months ago. I am really thankful that I discovered Natal Hypnotherapy and grateful to you for making a natural, calm birth feel so achievable and for my head being filled with contentment when I think about this late stage of my pregnacy.
love Claire (Willett)

Hi Georgie,
I thoroughly enjoyed the course on sat. I was chatting to my sister on Sunday and she mentioned how much more positive I sounded about the birth (and I hadn't yet told her I had done the course!).
Tony enjoyed it a lot more than he thought he would. We both felt very comfortable and at home.

I enjoyed the course and Georgie was very informative and sympathetic to our questions and needs. Has been very valuable to me and my husband. We would recommend.
Lisa Stephenson

Lovely atmosphere. Having the course in Georgie’s comforting home made the whole experience extra special.
Wendy Phelps

Passionate about the approach, relaxed yet informative presentation style, open to questions. Re-assuring use of personal anecdotes and experiences. Very relxed, open, flexible timetable. Time was made to discuss individual questions and worries. I enjoyed being in a small group. Thank you very much.
Emma Gage

Just a very belated 'thank you' for the Natal Hypnotherapy workshops earlier this month. I really enjoyed them and I think that my cynical husband has finally understood what it all means to me to help have a successful labour! I think the work that you did with us both and the fact that Peter really can see the benefits of going to Chippy will help immensley. We both really enjoyed meeting you and how spoilt we were to spend both days with you to ourselves! Baby Lock has yet to make an appearance, we will keep you informed...
Well, a heart-felt thank you and we'll be in touch in due course I'm sure!
Kindest wishes,

Sarah Whewell

"My husband and I spent a lovely weekend with Georgie at her gorgeous house in the Cotswolds. I learned a lot and found the experience very relaxing. I had a long back labour and used Hypnotherapy techniques right from the beginning. They helped so much to keep me calm and to take my mind off the pain. I'd recommend Georgie's course to every pregnant couple.'
Imogen Goold

G - I have just made a transfer into your account, i'm barclays so not sure how long it will take to move over.... We've slipped in a little extra as we feel that this is a true amount to what your incredible services were worth - i could never imagine not having you there for the birth of Xan - you were incredible and right there with me in every possible way - i felt soo supported and it would have been an entirely different experience without you....
I hope Willa got back ok and you are doing well... it's amazing have Xan at home.... he's so fantastic!
Loads of love to you and lets spk in next day or 2!
Loads and loads of love
T&A xxxxxxxxxx Oct 2011

Dear Georgie
We just wanted to say a quick thank you for such a great day on Saturday, we both feel we really benefitted from it and feel far more confident. I can't wait to use my CD for relaxation, a real treat. We also discussed your idea of having a few books to flick through so we can prepare for bump "growing up"! and think its a great idea, we were wondering if you had any particular recommendations.
Thank you so much for welcome us into your lovely home and being so patient, open and kind.

Would highly recommend to friends and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Nicola Morrison.
So glad I came along, would recommend to all and especially partners. Money well spent. Really feel empowered by the workshop and CD and so pleased I knew about it. The alternative of giving birth without this workshop seems unthinkable!
Ange August

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful course and your extremely generous hospitality. I think you will be very sussessful in your new found forte and am very grateful for the opportunity especially in with the group we baby will be saying a huge thanks when it can!
I would not hesitate to recommend this to all pregnant ladies. The results were all positive and the start of a life is a most important beginning.
Clarissa Astor

Really great and inspiring. Creates and a very calm environment. Can’t wait for part 2!
Abi Walsham

Your notes were brilliant. I was very anxious this time, having already had three beautiful healthy babes. I read your notes over and over to remind myself how to relax. It is funny how you tense up all those muscles without thinking. I was sitting on a birthing ball, really concentrating on having a soft face, relaxed jaw etc, trying to go with the pain instead of fighting it. Somehow the way you expressed yourself seemed to relate to me, whereas previous advice on breathing had gone over my head.
Polly Coke Mother of Four

Really very helpful. I’m actually very much looking forward to giving birth in the next couple of days.
Caroline Harris

Dear Georgie,
Thanks so much for 2 very inspirational and confidence enhancing days with you. Both Dan and I have already benefited no end from attending.
Kindest regards,

A good day. Very relaxed, assured, re-assuring.
Candida Waters

Georgie is so personable and warm, makes you feel very relaxed.
Abi Walsham

Easy listening, great teaching
Sasha Chilten

Georgie was wonderful and generous and full of great suggestions, explanations and huge awareness of where we are all at. Very intuitive and hugely sensible. A real boon to our pregnancy. We have the key now and must enjoy practising it all.
Victoria Marsh

We just wanted to say a quick thank you for such a great day on Saturday, we both feel we really benefitted from it and feel far more confident. I can't wait to use my CD for relaxation, a real treat. We also discussed your idea of having a few books to flick through so we can prepare for bump "growing up"! and think its a great idea, we were wondering if you had any particular recommendations.
Thank you so much for welcome us into your lovely home and being so patient, open and kind.

Georgie was fantastic, eloquent and expressive. Very calm and re-assuring. A great sense of peace and focus. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is pregnant. I learnt so much and I already have 2 children!
Clarissa Astor.

Meriel Sky Woodrow was born on 12th December, at Oxford Spires, by Natal Hypnotherapy!, weighing 6lb8. Everything went really well. Patrick was at the Natal Hypno for about 6 hours solidly, (he was as exhausted as me by the end!) We got to the Spires about 11pm, 6cms dilated and she was born at 5.25am. Second stage was fine, none of the problems we had last time, and we saw the whole thing through with just natal hypno and some bath water. She wasn’t born in the bath, I took your advice and did a lot more moving around this time, which I’m sure really helped move things along. Having my own pillow and duvet there was sooooo nice, so another great tip, thank you.
From Sally Ann. 2011

We were fortunate enough to have individual attention as we were the only couple. This could have been a bit intense but Georgie was very friendly, welcoming and professional and it was a lovely weekend. This course should be compulsory for both qualified obstreticians and baby doctors .
Helen Guerinni

Georgie is an excellent trainer and such a welcoming person. I feel she has given me the tools and truly empowered me to have control over the birth I want. She has an open style of communication and I felt very comfortable asking questions in a safe comfy and re-assuring environment. Excellent!

Postnatal Testimonials

These invaluable and simple insights into birthing techniques enabled me to have a full night of sleep, with contractions; such was my feeling of joyous serenity at the prospect of labour ahead. Your tips gave me the confidence needed to allow body, nature and spirit to take their own course, without medical intervention. My daughter was born into an atmosphere of love and laughter, the very best start for all of us.
Claudia Mallinson Herbalist and Mother.

Dear Georgie,
I thought you'd like to know that Emma Marguerite Elisabeth arrived on Friday morning -bang on her due date, good girl! I had an AMAZING labour, I cannot believe it, and I am 100% positive that my work with you and the Natal Hypnotherapy cds played a major part in it.
I had no signs in the day that anything was going to start, just woke up with some cramps, and then things got going. 6 hours total labour - we got to hospital about 7am and at 9.45 she was born in the water. I had no pain relief at all, just a few drops of rescue remedy just before I got in the car. I'm packing off the Tens machine tomorrow - completely unused! I have a tiny tear, no stitches and although now a few interrupted nights, I don't feel as though I'm recovering from a massive trauma or drugs and so don't feel so 'woozy' or over-emotional. Just very very happy!
I played the cd the whole way through once I got to hospital, and I was amazed at how many of the techniques came back to me when things seemed really awful. The sacral pressure which you showed us was invaluable - Peter spent most of his time doing that or rubbing my lower back with quite an intense pressure. We also had some really intimate experiences with the breathing when I was standing or leaning on him from the ball, and he just helped me really quietly with my breathing, it was very very special. Emma was born in the water and then passed to me straight away, all very emotional and wonderful. The staff at Chippy were brilliant, and I know that I couldn't have done it without them or Peter, or Natal Hypnotherapy.
Rebecca Lock

Hi Georgie
I did it! We have a gorgeous little boy who was born at 4.26am today. Labour started at 1.30am and when we got to the hospital an hour later I was 8cm dialated and he was born two hours later. Completely natural and ALL thanks to you! I was on all-fours and breathed, relaxed, thought of my special place and hardly tore at all. I am so thrilled, I can't tell you and feel very proud of myself. We have just decided on his name - Ranulph - and he is so sweet. We were home by 2pm so have had a lovely, relaxed afternoon.
I can't thank you enough.
lots of love
Katie xx

We wanted to let you know that our son, Kane, arrived on Monday 30th weighing 6lb 9oz. He was born in the birth pool at home as planned.
I can't thank you enough for all your help and support in our preparation. I used the relaxation from very early in the labour and felt relaxed and in control throughout. So much so that when the midwife arrived at 2.30am she said "from looking at you I can tell you now that you have a long way to go and its going to get a lot tougher" then she checked me and apologised as I was already 4cm. By the time the pool was full I was 8cm and Kane arrived at 6.32am. It was hardest to remember our prep in the final stage but I remember feeling so grateful when I heard myself say "I can't do this" and then recalled this was the self-doubt phase you talked about and that meant we were nearly there! I was especially pleased that I didn't need any stitches or feel the need to use any drugs. The midwife couldn't believe it and it meant Kane was lovely and alert when he arrived.
Many thanks again for all your help and support.
With love and best wishes,
Ceri, Pete and Kane

The birth was really good in my opinion and we are both convinced the Natal Hypnotherapy was a great help. I went into labour initially at about 6.30p.m. on 16th, I wasn't sure if I was in labour so went to the pub with some friends not saying a word, Matt picked me up at 10.30 when I mumbled I might be in labour but wasn't sure. At 1.10pm I discovered my ipod had a stopwatch on it so timed contractions which were 2 minutes apart so I tapped Matt on the shoulder and we phoned the hospital. We managed another 3 hours at home in bed with Matt using certain phrases to help me relax. We went to the hospital at 4.30 and I was 5 cm dilated, they said I was breathing naturally so we went with some gas and air - and 4 hours later Toby arrived. The midwife complimented us on our teamwork and again just a few key phrases made all the difference.
We both wanted to thank you so much as we feel the course made a huge difference.
I hope you are well.

It left my husband and I completely ready to go into the birth together and work together as a team. It meant that during the birth he knew exactly what i wanted with minimal communication, therefore he felt useful and effective and I felt extremely supported.
Eli O’Higgins

Thanks to you the midwife said I was one of the most calm people she’d ever had, which is not like me. Thanks so much, the course made it a wonderful experience. I’m so happy! I could not have wished for a more positive experience. It was exactly what I’d hoped!
Laleh Dastgardi

Hi Georgie
I did it! We have a gorgeous little boy who was born at 4.26am today. Labour started at 1.30am and when we got to the hospital an hour later I was 8cm dialated and he was born two hours later. Completely natural and ALL thanks to you! I was on all-fours and breathed, relaxed, thought of my special place and hardly tore at all. I am so thrilled, I can't tell you and feel very proud of myself. We have just decided on his name - Ranulph - and he is so sweet. We were home by 2pm so have had a lovely, relaxed afternoon.
I can't thank you enough.
I hope you are feeling better too.
lots of love
Katie xx

Vicky's Story
When I became pregnant with my first child, like everyone, the prospect of labour worried me and I tried to prepare myself for it. Being a doctor, and having assisted in many hospital deliveries, at least I thought I had a head-start in this department, even if I had no idea how to look after a baby afterwards. My mother had prepared me too, advising me that ‘they don’t call it labour for nothing’ when I asked her about giving birth to her four children.

I attended NCT classes which I enjoyed, as I met new friends and our teacher covered all aspects of pregnancy, from labouring positions to breast feeding to epidurals to complications of caesareans. I had all the baby kit anyone could possibly need, hospital bag packed, photocopies of labouring positions to hand - I was ready.

When my contractions started on Wednesday morning, the first thing I did was to get out all my information sheets to remind me of what I should be doing. First off was walking up and down the stairs to encourage contractions. That afternoon, I attended my scheduled midwife appointment where she examined me, told me I was 3cm dilated and performed a ‘stretch and sweep’. When she did it I laughed because it was so uncomfortable, all I could think was if that was just a bit of a jiggle what is a baby going to feel like! Throughout the day there were many baths, more stair walking, ball bouncing, and eventually I went to hospital in the evening. That night was exhausting. I had a TENS machine, gas and air, and a very patient husband who massaged my back for 6 hours. In the end I had an epidural at about 9am when I was 7cm. An hour later after 3 epidural attempts I was fully dilated, but could no longer feel the contractions and felt too exhausted to do anything. Luckily I mustered up something from somewhere and pushed out my gorgeous daughter. Both of us were a bit the worse for wear afterwards to say the least. I told my husband a few days later that we weren’t going to have any more, and if for some reason we did, I was going to have to have a caesarean.

A year later all memories of the labour had gone and the delight in having one baby led to another…

18 months later I had only 8 weeks to go until I was expecting my second child. I tried to put the birth out of my mind, just expecting it to be drawn out and painful, or if I was lucky just painful. At the last minute I booked onto one of Georgie’s courses thinking that if anything at least it was a day out of childcare! Georgie gave me one of the CD’s to listen to in the weeks before the course. I remember well the first time I listened to it, lying on the sitting room sofa on a Sunday afternoon. I don’t think I had been that relaxed in years, and afterwards I felt quite woosy and light headed, like I was drunk!

At Georgie’s course I was enlightened. I realised that my medical experience had been quite detrimental to me during the birth of my first child. The only births I had seen had been in hospital, often with women yelling on their backs and a multitude of medical staff in the room. I had forgotten that most women in the world don’t give birth in hospital, and all other mammals do it on their own! Georgie not only took us through the processes of birth, but provided us with relaxation skills and taught our partners how they could support us through the process. Georgie gave me the confidence to listen to my own body and follow my instincts. I hoped for a better experience the second time around, and felt much more relaxed.

When my contractions started early morning, I didn’t even bother to look at the time, but I deduced afterwards that it was probably about 3am. I came downstairs and sat with our dog for a bit and then went up to bed in our spare room (where I had been sleeping for a few weeks). I curled up in the single bed with the light on low and felt cosy and comfortable. I didn’t need the photocopies of labouring positions this time, I just lay there with my eyes shut relaxing and thinking about the baby coming down, trying to not get too excited. After a while, I went and told my husband what was happening (and he fell back to sleep) and I then went back to bed to listen to my birthing CD, which I must have fallen asleep to or gone into some kind of trance as when I ‘came around’ at about 7am my contractions were thick and fast. There was a lot of pressure and they felt intense, but they were not painful. I woke up my husband and mother (who was thankfully staying at the time) and by the time they had got dressed and downstairs, I decided I should put the TENS machine on. My husband was applying the sticky nodes for the TENS machine when I felt the urge to push. I had a medical problem which meant I was more a risk of bleeding so I wanted to give birth in the hospital which was a 30 minute drive away. My husband helped me to the car and we had a speedy drive to the hospital - my waters had broken in the car and I really, really just wanted to push the baby out. It was all I could do to just not push. The pressure was great, but it wasn’t painful like the first labour. The head was crowning as we pulled in to the hospital. My husband helped me to Labour Ward, where a midwife helped me onto a bed.

And everything stopped. For about 5 minutes. The huge pressure of the baby wanting to come out had just stopped, and in retrospect it must have been the shock of being in unfamiliar surroundings. When the next contraction did come I pushed and her head came out, and after another pause and push her body came out (with a bit of a sharp sting for me.) She was in my arms. I was completely overjoyed, not just because I had a beautiful baby girl, but also because I had such a wonderful and dare I say it enjoyable birth. I even turned to my husband an hour later and said that we should maybe reconsider our idea of having just 2 children! It wasn’t until I was having a bath a couple of hours later that my husband noticed I still had the sticky nodes on my back from the TENS machine that we never even got wired up. Six hours later we left the hospital and were on our way home, my first daughter waiting for us with my mother. I have a photo of my older daughter sitting on our sofa holding her little sister aged just 6 ½ hours old, and I feel overwhelmingly happy every time I look at it. I feel very thankful that I attended the Natal Hypnotherapy workshop as without it I really don’t believe I could have had such a great experience of labour.

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