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24th July 2021 
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Hypnobirthing : Doula Support : Closing The Bones with Post Natal Massage : Baby Shower : Mother Blessings

To all you lovely expectant parents out there, you are not alone !

There are ante natal teachers and experienced birth workers here

and awaiting you, in order that we can do our best to allay any

fears you may have and allow you to reclaim your excitement and

anticipation around this beautiful time. The birth of your baby !

Do not hesitate in reaching out for a chat, either over the phone or through

Skype, Teams or Zoom.

We can support you in a one to one setting or a group class; you choose.

I'm offering Natal Hypnotherapy, Birth Preparation workshops and Doula

support, as well as remote Post Natal Support. Later on we can talk about

post natal abdominal massages and ‘Closing the Bones' Ceremonies.

Lots to look forward to...

Warmest wishes


Ordinarily you can enjoy Maggie Howell's highly acclaimed hypno-birthing workshops here with me in Cheltenham, or at home by arrangement. However for a while longer, we'll continue meeting on zoom.

Partners (and doulas) are encouraged to attend, gaining the opportunity to understand their roles and how best to support the mother.

You and your birthing partner will be shown how to manage labour's different emotional stages, the role of the hormones, pain relieving techniques, positions for labour, anatomy and physiology and so much more.

This invaluable knowledge enhances your confidence and enjoyment of birth.

With insight and confidence gained from this preparation, families experience the best birth possible for them and remain positive even if intervention becomes necessary.

My intention is you feel happy with your baby's birth, with no regrets and can look back knowing you were supported mentally, emotionally and physically; making all the difference.

Natal Hypnotherapy teaches parents self belief and by the end, they're so delighted, they begin looking forward to their births.
(see testimonials)

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The manner of our arrival into this world has far reaching effects, says Dr. Michel Odent MD, founder of the Primal Health Research Database; author of over 50 published scientific papers and 11 books.

“The character of a nation is reflected in its’ delivery rooms..."

* * *

Qualifying in 2008 to become a Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner, I have taught over 300 couples.

Workshops cover 'Natural Pain Relief' & 'Practical Birth Preparation'.

Within easy each of:
Oxford, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stow On The Wold, Lechlade, Swindon, Stroud, Cirencester and Banbury


07909 538 106
[email protected]

Happy to chat and answer questions.

DATES for 2021

Please call to arrange your zoom meeting.
Times to suit everyone.

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