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Closing the Bones - 2024
Postpartum or 'fourth trimester' preparation can be discussed at this time, helping parents understand what's required for optimal recovery.
Include Closing The Bones as part of your postpartum recovery.


“‘Closing The Bones’ is a beautiful, long standing cultural ceremony, honouring women’s bodies and the exceptional work they do in performing birth, whichever form birth takes”.

A gentle and nourishing ritual, supporting women who have given birth. In South America, where the ceremony originates, Closing the Bones is performed within hours of the birth, whilst here in the UK, it usually takes place within the first few weeks, but can happen any time after baby is born - even years later.

As it’s known to be such a beneficial part of the recovery process, in most cases there’s no reason to wait and is a wonderful way to feel special after the birth of your baby.

Closing The Bones. CTB Wrapped and two way pulling

Once upon a time, women enjoyed postpartum body-work wherever they lived in the world. The knowledge was passed orally from one generation to another. Then the practice started disappearing and only now we’re re-learning it, from our sisters in South America.

Traditionally Closing the Bones is repeated half a dozen times during the forty days sacred window, following birth. In some countries after their baby is born, women are treated to a full body massage every day for a month as well as given special nourishing foods, binding and wrapping; being cherishing as much as baby.

Women open up ‘energetically’ during pregnancy and birth, after which they need to 'come back to themselves'.

Closing The Bones. CTB Hannah Shoulder Sifting

What's Involved

Our 'Closing the Bones' ceremony includes:

- Relaxing Foot Bath

- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or 'tapping' as its' sometimes called), an opportunity to    offload and re-frame events and feelings around the labour and birth (or anything else). 

- Rebozo Sifting

- Postnatal Abdominal Recovery Massage

- Body Binding


This Abdominal Massage is designed to realign and balance you, as well as help return you to your centre; physically and energetically.

This massage developed over eighteen months with Sophie Messager and Teddy Brookes, covering many sessions.

Sophie, among other things is a birth doula and healer and has been teaching ‘Closing the Bones’ for over 5 years, together with Teddy who's

a highly regarded Osteopath from Cambridge.

Sophie practised with Ecuadorian midwife Rocia Alarcon, (trained also in Shamanism and with a PhD in Ethnobotany).

Closing the Bones and Postnatal Recovery Massage most importantly benefit women’s mental and emotional wellbeing as well as their

physical health.

Closing The Bones. CTB Hannah Hip Sifting

Our Intention:

Our intention is to create a sacred space, where we honour and acknowledge your labour; show tenderness and gratitude to your body; bringing it 'back to itself'; closing its' energy channels; assisting you in letting go of emotional ties that no longer serve you.   Making a safe place to nurture you, where you can commune with yourself.

We start with foot bathing and a discussion, (recounting your birth experience usually) whilst tapping your meridian points using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); thereby allowing emotions to arise and then release. 

Following this is ‘sifting’ with a rebozo; a sacred hand loomed piece of cloth, both standing and lying down; then 'hip rocking' and binding.

Our hips expand during pregnancy and it's a prioirty of the 'Closing', to return them to their pre-pregnancy alignment.  Otherwise we can experience pelvic instability and energy leaks later on.

Then full body binding.




Who’s involved?

The ceremony is performed by myself and by appointment, Sarah Boyd. We've both been doulas for many years and practiced in using the rebozo.  We're really excited to be offering this wonderful opportunity to mums in 2024.

Where does it happen?
The ceremony takes place in a beautiful studio room in the heart of Cheltenham, with free parking directly outside.  We can also come to your home if that feels easier.

How long does it take?
The ceremony takes around three hours, leaving you rested, refreshed and revitalised.

Closing The Bones. CTB Hannah resting

Can I bring my baby?
If you are breastfeeding, you're most welcome to bring baby.

It can be helpful if you bring someone else - a partner, friend, mum, or sister - to help look after baby whilst the ceremony is taking place. We're happy to stop any time when baby needs feeding and continue when baby is ready to be handed back. 

However this ceremony is for YOU, to make YOU feel special and nurtured and benefit from not having to think whilst you're switching off, if possible.

How much is it?
We're currently offering this session for £280.00.

If you would like to find out more, or book a session, please get in touch:
mbl: 07909538106



“After quite a traumatic birth, the last thing I wanted to do was relive the whole thing. But in speaking to Georgie she helped me to see that it might actually be very beneficial. So I booked a session with Georgie and Sarah to do a Bone Closing Ceremony. I didn’t really know what to expect and in all honesty I think I probably didn’t expect much out of it. In the build up I felt quite nervous, mainly about the idea of having to talk through my birth story. I really had nothing to worry about!! Immediately on arrival Georgie and Sarah made me feel so at ease and I have to say they’re total miracle workers! The EFT part of the ceremony has been so helpful that I finally feel at peace with everything that happened at the birth. The rest of the bone closing ceremony was definitely the most relaxed and nurtured I’ve felt since I became a mother. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted. Since then I’ve recommended it to so many friends. I think every mother should do it if they have the chance. Thank you Georgie and Sarah for working wonders on and taking such great care of me.”
Anna, Gloucestershire

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